Visit Oxbow Lake

Adventure in the calm waterways, of the jungle

Have an adventure in the quiet and deep channels of the jungle, after traveling by river and walking in the deep jungle of the Amazon of Manu Biosphere Reserve, you will reach these beautiful and mysterious lakes that are separated by a forest of rivers, here in these lakes live wild creatures tiny and giant, stalking the visitor just down from its calm waters

In the visit to these mysterious lakes you will have the opportunity to experiment the most extreme biodiversity that exists in the Amazon. These lakes are formed when a river bend is cut from its main channel transforming it into a calm lake. Then you and your guide will take a nice catamaran ride on the lake to observe the wildlife. Due to the diversity of the lake and the waters full of fish, and other animals that are in danger of extinction, such as the giant otter, black caiman, piranha anacondas, and many other animals, and also around the lake we can observe many species of monkeys and birds, flying macaws or in the canopy of giant trees is all this biodiversity that attracts visitors.

Why you’ll love visiting Oxbow Lake

The dream of every wildlife lover: these lakes are prefects and are full of wildlife, due to its calm waters and abundant food. You could find a wide variety of animals there, from huge mammals to reptiles and parrots. Tourists can even see the rare Black Caiman, which five meters long, is the largest predator in the entire Amazon.
Oxbow lakes are fascinating, unique habitats that occur throughout the Amazon basin. They are essential for many animals in the rainforest and serve as important sources of food for animals. If you visit one of these wonderful lakes you will understand how important it is to conserve the environment to conserve human life for future generations.

Oxbow Lake Visit Details

  • Season of the year: all year round
  • Recommended for: Morning or Afternoon
  • Duration: Half-day
  • Difficulty Level: II
  • Altitude: low jungle 290 m.s.n.m.
  • Available at: 4 days tour, (Manu biosphere reserve)


Frequently asked questions

What is an oxbow lake and how is it formed?

An oxbow lake forms when a river creates a meander, due to the river’s eroding the bank. After a long period of time, the meander becomes very curved, and eventually the neck of the meander becomes narrower and the river cuts through the neck during a flood, cutting off the meander and forming an oxbow lake.

Does the Amazon Rainforest have any oxbow lakes?

Oxbow lakes are one of the many habitats found in the Amazon rainforest. An oxbow lake is a U-shaped lake that is formed after a bend in the river gets cut off from the main river through a natural process combining erosion, deposition and flooding.

What happens to an oxbow lake over time?

Erosion and deposition eventually cause a new channel to be cut through the small piece of land at the narrow end of the meander. The river makes a shortcut. Oxbow lakes are the remains of the bend in the river, or often become swamps or bogs, and they often dry up as their water evaporates.

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