Tambopata Clay Lick Tour 4 Days

If you are thinking of visiting and taking some tours to Puerto Maldonado Peru, you will take with yourself a never forgetting experience for the rest of your life.

This majestic place located at the southeast of Peru’s Amazon rainforest, lies at the confluence of Tambopata and Madre de Dios Rivers. The National reserve protects a vast kind of birds, clay licks, including oxbow lakes which enhances the eco tour trips.

Among the indigenous communities living in this area you can find the Matsiguenka tribe.

During this four day Tours Puerto Maldonado Peru, you will be able to visit breathtaking places along this hidden gem that remains deep in the jungle.

One of them is the world’s largest clay lick (considered one of the highlights of the tour), a perfect spot to sightseeing birds, because of the amazing congregation of brightly coloured macaws, parakeets and parrots. As well as the famous ‘Monkey island’, hometown of diverse kinds of monkeys.

Our amazon tours include visiting the most beautiful lakes in southeast Peru, which are inside the Tambopata National Reserve. You will be allowed to explore the lake to see biodiversity of flora living here, besides the wildlife (and various types in danger of extinction), will be able to spot black caiman and the giant otters among others in their natural habitat.

We will also have amusing and adventurous activities such as nocturnal walks, bird watching , survival practices, travel down the Madre de Dios and Tambopata Rivers, exploring the incredible Sandoval Lake and of course getting to know different types of forests.

  • Package / Tour: Tambopata Clay Lick – Tours Puerto Maldonado Peru 4D/3N
  • Price 2023: 480.00 USD
  • Locations Visited: Tambopata National Reserve (Collpa Chuncho)
  • Frequency: 6 Times of week
  • Physical Grading: 1-2-3-4-5


Day 1 – Puerto Maldonado – Tambopata River – Jungle Walking:

We will be picking you up from the bus terminal or Puerto Maldonado Airport to transfer you to our agency office to give you a short briefing on what to expect on your four days tour on your stay at the Amazon forest.

If you are carrying any heavy luggage, we will recommend you to leave it at our office while you are on the tour.

Then we will be driving you in our 4X4 trucks for an hour to the pier. From here we will be boarding our motorized boat to our lodge deep in the Tambopata National Park. The hotel staff will extend a warm welcome to you.

Here you will be accommodated in an ensuite room. We will then serve a typical Amazonian meal for lunch.

Once you finish lunch, we will go hiking on one of the most interesting trails through the river banks to see the wildlife that remains here, such as mammals, snakes and insects.

After the tour, we will return to the lodge where dinner will be served.

Day 2 – Tambopata Clay Lick – Amazon lodge – canopy walk:

Our second day begins early in the morning around 4 AM. We will be boarding on an hour and a half boat ride to see the Tambopata Clay Lick. This is an unforgettable and unmissable bird sight experience in South America. 

The clay in Chuncho is rich with a distinct salt that helps different species of macaws to flush out toxins from their bodies. 

The boat ride from the lodge to Chuncho itself is an interesting adventure.

You will be spotting many mammals and other animals on the riverbanks, including Capybaras. They are the world’s largest rodents.

After the Tambopata Clay Lick experience, we will return to the lodge for an expected breakfast and spend the morning relaxing in the hammocks amidst the world’s largest rainforest – The Amazon.

After lunch, we will be checking out from this lodge to embark on a journey to reach the next one. Immediately after our arrival, we will embark on our next adventure, hiking to experience the canopy walk from approximately 30 meters high.

One of the best ways to see the captivating beauty and immensity of the Amazon Rainforest. After this incredible adventure we will be returning to the lodge for dinner.

Later at night we will do a short night tour to spot some nocturnal animals and insects.

Day 3 –  Amazon Lodge – Lake Sandoval  Spotting Wildlife:

After tasting a typical Amazonian breakfast, we will hike for about 3 kilometres to the Sandoval Lake.On our way, we will be crossing different plants and trees. Our local expert guides will explain to you the importance of these plants as medicines to locals. 

Lake Sandoval is inhabited by giant otters. They are active during the day. The Lake offers us sights of abundant wildlife. This includes over 40 species of birds. 

We will be stopping for lunch at our camp near the lake. You will have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the clear and fresh waters of the lake. We will stay after witnessing the sunset to finally return to the lodge. 

Later at night, we will be going on a short night tour to spot some nocturnal creatures here.

Day 4 – Amazon lodge – Puerto Maldonado – Cusco or Lima:

After breakfast, we will take the motor boat to see the parrots’ clay lick. Just as Macaws, parrots also eat the clay to flush out toxins from their bodies. After the experience, we will return to the lodge for breakfast. We will then visit a truly native indigenous family. Our guide will introduce you to their way of life and traditions, while we get to meet them.

After lunch, we will be taking the boat back to Puerto Maldonado. 

At Puerto Maldonado, we will be giving you a tour of the local market where you will find many native exotic tropical fruits. You will have some time to make some last purchases before leaving. 

We will finally be heading to our agency office in the city. From here, we can drop you to the airport or the bus terminal depending on your flight/bus schedule.



  • Pick up from the airport or bus station,
  • Professional tour guide
  • Land transfer (4X4)
  • Motor boat
  • All meals, breakfast, Lunch, dinner
  • Mineral water
  • 3 night at Lodge
  • Frist-aid Kit
  • Entrance tickets to the Tambopata National Reserve.


  • Mosquito repellent,
  • Camera
  • Flashlight,
  • Binoculars,
  • Personal items,
  • sunscreen, hiking shoes,
  • Long and shirts pants
  • Hat, extra socks

Frequently asked questions

What is the size of the groups?

The size of the group is 9 people per guide; if we have more than (10 to 14), we send a second guide (not an assistant). If there are more than 14 people, we divide into 2 totally independent groups both with their own cars, boats, guides and cooks.

Can the boats have a roof?

Yes, the boats have roofs that will protect them from sun and rain. This does not ensure that you do not get wet during the navigation because it could get wet on the sides.

Do they provide water to drink during the tours? Is it purified water?

We request that hikers bring their own water the first day, since the containers with water will be accessible at dinner time. The rest of the trip, we will provide bottled and purified mineral water that we bring from Cusco.

How is the food?

Our meals are varied and taste of our hikers. In addition they are foods that last the heat and humidity of the rainforest.
Breakfasts consist of omelettes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc.

How are camping equipment?

To be comfortable we provide tents with capacity for 4 people for 2 people, we provide comfortable mats. The tents do not need a musketeer, because they carry musketeers at the door.

It is necessary to take a sleeping to the Camouflaged House, which you can replace it with a thin blanket or if you want you can rent it with us for $ 2.00 a day.

Do you guarantee to see birds in the Macaw Clay Licks?

We can not assure you that you will see the Macaws in the clay licks, but if you travel in the correct station you have more opportunities to see them.

The dry season is a good season to see these birds, the reason is that birds in some stations migrate to places of fruit production, or in some cases eat only seeds per season. The seeds are toxic in general to prevent birds from eating them; however, if the macaws eat them, they increase the poison in their stomachs and to neutralize the acids and poisons that are produced in their stomachs they eat nutritious clay.
In the rainy season there are many fruits until the beginning of the dry season, which is May. Then the macaws eat less seeds and fruits that are less toxic and feel less need to eat the clay, this means that there are few macaws present; at midday of the dry season there could be the presence of 100 to 150 macaws present in a morning, unlike only 10 to 50 at the end of the rainy season.

What temperatures are there in the Manu?

The first night at Rainforest Lodge (600 m.a s.l.) at temperature is around 27 ° C. In the low forest of the Manu the temperature at night is normally around 27 ° C, and during the day about 35 ° C, as always cold winds from Patagonia could reach the Manu area, and the temperature could drop around of 10 ° C. These “Friajes” are very common in the southeast of the hemisphere, the wind season (between April until the end of August)

Are there many walks?

There are not many walks in the sense of going far. All walks are done slowly. This is because most of you will find vegetation in the forest and be available to see the animals; giving enough time to see the surroundings and also hear it. The first day of the Tour we have afternoon walks around 2 hours. The second day is more to observe birds and animals along the Alto Madre de Dios River, with fewer walks than the other days.

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