Palotoa Amazon Lodges

Paraiso Lodge

Paraiso lodge is located near the town of Pilcopata, at 670 meters above sea level, and has the strategic location for lovers of nature, has comfortable services such as private rooms, bathroom and hot shower, has a kitchen and a panoramic dining room, and also has a beautiful lagoon that attracts many amphibians and reptiles where tourists will have the opportunity to see these beautiful creatures, this lodge has a beautiful panoramic view of a beautiful river. Dear passengers, your stay in this lodge is guaranteed.

Palotoa Amazon Lodge

Palotoa Amazon Lodge , is set in a uniquie  and enigmatic  part of manu´s  rainforest, on the left site of the turbulent alto Madre de Dios river, on 600 hectares of private,protected land, bordering  the untochet area of Manu National Park. It is a strategic place and rich in biodiversity and with different types of forests, and has a trail system for walking, from 1 to 6 hours, Palotoa Amazon Lodge has private rooms with shower and bathroom, and  has a kitchen and a dining room.

Casa Matchiguenka Lodge

Casa matsiguenka lodge is located within the reserved area of Manu National Park. Casa Matchiguenka Lodge is owned and run by two indigenous communities of the tribe Matchiguenka. This lodge has a rustic design with 12 double rooms and provides mosquito nets. Surrounding the lodge are private trails, where Matchiguenka act as local guides. They also have an interpretation house where they produce and sell craftwork.​

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