How to Get to Manu Peru

“How to Get to Manu” is a question many adventure-seekers ponder. Nestled deep in the Amazon, Manu beckons with unparalleled biodiversity. Yet, its remote location poses logistical challenges for travelers.

Navigating to this oasis is part of the adventure itself. With a blend of air, land, and river routes, the journey promises scenic views. This guide simplifies the process, making Manu more accessible to all.

How to get to Manu National Park

Manu is located 403 miles from the hot and isolated regional capital of Puerto Maldonado, which acts as a gateway to the reserve. (We have a hostel in Puerto Maldonado, as well for those who are looking to stay for a while). You can reach Puerto Maldonado by land from Cusco or by air through Lima. (It is possible to arrive by air from Cusco as well, but by hiring light airplanes instead of public transport.) From there you can go through the Manu river by boat. It is advisable to arrive from Cusco in organized tour packages, as the entrance is not sold to individuals but to authorized agencies.

  • From May to October it is very hot, with cool nights and frequent rains. The rainy season goes from January to March, but there may be unexpected rains throughout the year, so travelers should bring their poncho independently
  • Tours may or may not be available but with significant changes, during the rainy season, depending on water levels.
  • Prepare for the heat (daily averages of temperature 35ºC during the day and 25ºC during the night), but covering your extremities, by searching for long sleeves in light fabrics as protection against insect diseases.
    To get to the Manu National Park, there are two ways:

How to get to Manu from Puerto Maldonado

140 km from the center of Puerto Maldonado along the inter-oceanic highway to the Santa Rosa town center (1h 30 min by car); cross the Inambari river with a boat to Puerto Carlos (5min); then go 30km by road to the town of Boca Colorado (1h) and navigate the Madre de Dios River until reaching the Limonal control post on the Manu River (7hrs by motorboat).

How to get to Manu from Cusco

From Cusco city, you have to travel 280 km by the Cusco-Paucartambo highway (12 hours by car approximately) to reach the town of Atalaya, from there you continue by river to the town of Boca Manu (12 hours by boat), to enter again by the Madre de Dios River to the park. It is also possible to get to the town of Boca Manu by small plane from the city of Cusco (30 minutes) from there the route described above is followed.
In the district of Paucartambo we can access the Tres Cruces sector of the park, one of the only two places in the world where you can observe the natural phenomenon of sunrise.
To get to this natural viewpoint we must depart from the district of Paucartambo to the Control Post Acjanaco of the National Park of Manu, in a journey of approximately half an hour by land. Afterwards we will make another half-hour walk to Tres Cruces where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunrise in the world, and then continue along the route to the Manu National Park.

How to get Manu tickets

The entry price to the Manu River Basin is S /. 150.00. While the Acjanaco Sector is S /. 10.00 (rate subject to change)
You purchase tickets when you arrive at the Park, before entering.
In case you have hired a tourism agency, they will be responsible for making the payment, just have your documents ready to show them in the control of the Park.

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