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Palotoa Amazon Travel is a locally owned tour operator based in Cusco. We exclusively operate tours to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. We support sustainable, responsible and ethical tourism. Palotoa Amazon Travel along with the native Amazonian community aims to offer an authentic Amazon experience. Check out our guest’s feedback here.


Experience the best of Peruvian Amazon Tours with our certified local English speaking tour guides who have an extensive knowledge about the flora and fauna typical to the Amazon Rainforest.


Discover the ultimate Peruvian Amazon Tours with our expert local tour guides fluent in English, possessing extensive expertise in the unique plant and animal life found in the Amazon Rainforest.


Uncover the unparalleled Peruvian Amazon Tours led by our proficient local tour guides who are fluent in English and possess extensive knowledge of the distinctive plant and animal species thriving in the Amazon Rainforest.


Palotoa Amazon Travel

100% Local

Locally owned and operated by the Palotoa Amazon Travel Company. We were born and raised in the Amazon jungle of Manu Park. Your money supports the local economy and we comply with all legal requirements.

Palotoa Amazon Travel

Best Equipment

Each professional guide has a quality spotting scope, high-range flashlight, pair of good binoculars, and bird & mammal guide book; the best equipment to observe the wildlife of the jungle up close.

Palotoa Amazon Travel

Top Tour Guides

Qualified, professional, local tour guides; well-equipped with guiding gear. Socially responsible-we employ local people; guides born and brought up in the jungle.


Palotoa Amazon Travel


We are recognized as a serious agency, responsible and with personalized attention, that offers the best prices in trips to the jungle of Peru


Many travelers recommend us. They recognize our work organized carefully. Our English speaking guides know everything about the Amazon. The nocturnal expeditions that we offer are considered incredible. The accommodation is excellent, the comfortable beds and the culinary skills of the chef were unreal.

Palotoa Amazon Travel

Petit futé PALOTOA TOURS 2023

Petit Futé consider us as specialists in the  Manu Park orTambopata tours, and considered one of the tour agencies that offers competitive rates.


Manu Rainforest Conservation

Manu Rainforest Conservation: Sustainable Practices

In the heart of Madre de Dios, the Manu Rainforest Conservation stands as a testament to environmental preservation. This biodiverse sanctuary showcases sustainable practices crucial for our planet's health. It serves as a model for conservation efforts worldwide. Manu's unique...
Manu River

Manu River: Amazon Rainforest’s Vital Waterway

The Manu River, a lifeblood of South America, carves a vital path through lush, biodiverse landscapes. This river supports an array of unique wildlife and indigenous communities. Its waters tell a story of ecological importance and cultural heritage. It flows from the Andean...
Butterfly Diversity of Manu

Exploring the Butterfly Diversity of Manu

Manu, a biodiversity hotspot, lies in the heart of Peru. Is renowned for its rich butterfly diversity of Manu. This region teems with fluttering colors. Exploring the Butterfly Diversity of Manu dives into this vibrant world. Our journey uncovers the myriad species calling Manu...
Manu Reserved Zone

Manu Reserved Zone: Peru’s Pristine Amazon Wilderness

In the heart of South America, the Manu Reserved Zone beckons. This swath of Amazon rainforest remains virtually untouched. Is a biodiversity hotspot. Manu is a sanctuary for countless species. Jaguars prowl, and macaws soar against a lush backdrop. Researchers and adventurers...
Caimans of Manu

Caimans of Manu: Guardians of the Amazon Waters

In the lush South America, caimans of Manu rule the waterways. These reptiles are key to the Amazon's intricate web of life. Their presence signals a healthy ecosystem. Caimans are often mistaken for their alligator cousins. Yet, they play a unique role in their native habitat....
Peruvian Amazon Legends

Peruvian Amazon Legends: Tales of Nature’s Guardians

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon Legends, mysteries unfold. Ancient tales whisper through the lush canopy. They speak of guardians. These are not ordinary guardians. They are mythical beings, protectors of the wild. Their stories are timeless. Each legend offers a unique lens. They...
Packing for a Manu Trek

Packing for a Manu Trek: Essentials the Amazon

Venturing into the Amazon is a thrilling experience. Every traveler dreams of its unmatched biodiversity. Packing for a Manu Trek is key. Manu National Park beckons with its beauty. Yet, the dense rainforest can be unpredictable. Packing right ensures safety and comfort. This...
Manu in the Wet Season

Manu in the Wet Season: An Adventurer’s Guide

Manu, a gem of the Peruvian Amazon, beckons the daring. Most travelers opt for its dry season charm. Yet, the Manu in the wet season reveals hidden magic. Rainforests come alive with rains; animals emerge, and rivers swell. This season offers a unique, wilder Manu experience....
Salkantay Trek: Peru’s High Peaks

Salkantay Trek: Peru’s High Peaks

The Salkantay Trek, often overshadowed by the famous Inca Trail, offers a unique journey through Peru's diverse landscapes. Traversing high peaks, lush rainforests, and secluded valleys, it promises unparalleled Andean vistas. Each step unfolds a new facet of Peru's natural...
Tales & Trails of the Inca Empire

Tales & Trails of the Inca Empire

Nestled high in the Andean Mountains, the Inca Empire once reigned supreme. This civilization, grand and mysterious, spanned vast territories. Its legacy resonates even today, centuries later. The tales and trails that the Incas left behind weave a narrative of ambition,...
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